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Emily & Jeremy | Sometimes love stares you in the face

February 24, 2010:

Falling for the girl next door, or in this case, the girl at the next desk over. Sometimes the key to love is just plucking up the nerve to ask someone out. Most of us don’t think about finding the love of of lives sitting in the cubical next to ours. Well, Emily & Jeremy were especially lucky. They met at work and over the course of time Jeremy finally got the courage to ask Emily out. The rest is history, they became best friends and fell in love. What more could you ask for?! They had an amazing winter wedding at the Barr Mansion, one of my personal favorites here in Austin for it’s all inclusive eco friendly wedding & event services. And Emily & Jeremy’s wedding was green. All the flowers, food and decor was provided by the Barr Mansion which is certified organic. And of course we are a carbon neutral business and proud members of Greener! I asked Emily about why she chose to do a green wedding and she said that although they hadn’t planned on it she was thrilled that it turned out that way. Don’t you just love serendipity? Check out some of the gems from this wedding below. A special thanks to Suzi Q of qweddings for lending her eye to this beautiful event and to the  Barr Mansion team for all their work and gorgeous floral arrangements. Dress by: Paloma Blanca | Shoes by: Manolo Blahnik

[svgallery name=”Barr_Mansion_Wedding”]