About Alina

Alina Prax was born in a tiny Swiss village amidst blue skies and snow-capped mountains. At the age of five her family relocated to the U.S. but Alina‘s travels had just begun.

One day while sitting in a cafe in Berlin, her home between College and reality, she found herself positioning her thumbs and forefingers to create a frame around a couple sitting on a nearby bench. The spark for capturing images was ignited and that passion continues to shine through in her wedding images today.

After receiving a degree in photography at the Art Institute of Colorado she fell for a winsome Texan, and fourth generation rancher. With their sweet-as-pecan-pie daughter, they now make Austin their home.

Alina speaks five languages—handy for destination weddings or transcontinental couples—and loves working with her clients in Austin, Zurich or anywhere in between.