Alina’s Bio

Alina’s Bio

Born on the southernmost tip of the Swiss Alps, Alina was fed a steady diet of languages and gruyere cheese. After moving to the States at the age of 6, her parents immersed her in a life saturated with art and culture. She attended Oberlin College where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in interdisciplinary performance with an emphasis on studio art.

Alina eventually moved to Berlin where her love affair with photography began. As time passed the longing for fast food and strip malls began to surpass her desire for foreign films. Alina moved back to the States, where she studied photography at the Art Institute of Colorado and fell madly in love with a Texan cowboy. These days, Alina lives in Austin where she makes her home with her husband, daughter and French bulldog, Lily.

Alina speaks 5 languages, has taken photos all around the world and will photograph just about anything on the promise of BBQ.


Having lived in several different countries, Alina has observed a variety of wedding celebrations.

“Weddings are unique from culture to culture,” she says “yet they are always joyful and magical. People of all faiths and nationalities celebrate weddings with passion because a wedding is one of those milestone moments that demarcate a life passage.

“I adore the art of documenting weddings. I get to record a historic event that is both monumental for a couple and incredibly intimate. As a life historian, a scribe and witness to such a marked occasion I translate this joy into a visual legacy. It’s a is a real honor.”