Bollywood Engagement, Austin TX | Jennifer & Peter

September 25, 2008:

Jennifer & Peter have the sweetest story of how they fell in love. They’re both teachers here in Austin and one day, (Jenn’s first day teaching) they ran into each other in the hall.¬†According¬†to Peter, Jenn was wearing checkered pants, a sure sign that she was one cool chick! Jenn apparently thought Peter was pretty cool too because not long after their students started singing “Jenn & Peter sitting in a tree…”! The rest is history, these two are a perfect match for each other and it was a joy capturing these tender moments on their engagement session. Their upcoming wedding at Mercury Hall should be a Bollywood treat!

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One Response to “Bollywood Engagement, Austin TX | Jennifer & Peter”

  1. Love this session, Alina! You’ve got some beautiful work here, and I love your blog layout.

    It was great to see you last night at the PUG meeting. Hope to see you soon!

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