Emily’s Bridal | Three Women, One Gown

March 4, 2010:

This is an extra special bridal, not just because of the gorgeous bride but because of the gown. This gown has a history. In fact, it has three weddings under it’s, well.., hem! Three! Emily’s grandmother originally wore the gown at her wedding in 1951. Being a romantic at heart and inclined towards nostalgia I simply love that Emily chose to continue this amazing tradition. And I am still amazed how timeless this gown is and how beautifully it flattered Emily. These stunning images were created at their family home in Austin. I recently updated this post to include images of both Emily’s mother in the same gown as well as her grandmother!

Here’s what Emily and her grandmother have to say about it:

“I decided to wear the wedding gown that both my mother and grandmother wore. I wanted a classic look and I loved the thought of being the third woman in my family to wear the dress. My grandmother has written more details about the dress below. I had the long sleeves taken off by Coutures by Laura.” ~ Emily

Bob and I married Dec. 1, 1951. The dress was made in New York by a place recommended by the White House Department Store in Beaumont where we got the bridesmaid dresses.  My mother and I were in N.Y. with my father when he was attending an American Bankers Association meeting. We picked out the design and fabric. The dress arrived in Beaumont a week before the wedding, but it wasn’t my dress! Mine had gone to Memphis to another bride, and we had hers. The two mothers conferred and decided to risk the U.S. mail and made the switch.  Both dresses made it just in the nick of time. Phewwww!!!  You and your mother were both beautiful brides in the dress.” ~GG

Stay tuned for images from Emily & Eric’s wedding at Green Pastures!

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  1. katherine says:

    what an incredible story and beautiful photos- makes me want to see the photos of her grandmother and mother in the dress too!

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