Laguna Gloria Engagement | Alie & Bobbi

June 27, 2008:

Alie & Bobbi had a beautiful engagement session this past week out at Laguna Gloria, one of Austin’s prettiest locations for anything romantic. We had some fun with a few cheeky images of them painting each others portrait. Alie is quite l’artiste, showing Bobbi exactly how to hold the pose. Later we headed out to explore the grounds, I love how many nooks and crannies you can find at Laguna Gloria to take lovely photographs. The lighting was amazing and I could tell how in love these two are. Finally they each made a wish for their future together. Stay tuned for their wedding images coming this fall!lagunagloriaenagement08.jpglagunagloriaenagement07.jpglagunagloriaenagement04.jpglagunagloriaenagement05.jpglagunagloriaenagement01.jpglagunagloriaenagement12.jpglagunagloriaenagement09.jpglagunagloriaenagement06.jpglagunagloriaenagement10.jpglagunagloriaenagement11.jpglagunagloriaenagement13.jpg

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