Love of the Border | Emily & Eric

April 6, 2010:

Emily & Eric were married at the fabulously ever green and peacock adorned Green Pastures here in Austin. When I asked Emily to tell me about  how she and Eric had met, she shared the following story, which I think is so totally original I have to share it here. Enjoy!

“Eric and I met while I was studying abroad in Mexico through a program called Borderlinks during my junior year of college. Borderlinks runs a community center in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, that includes a free lunch program for neighborhood kids, a women’s coop, a bike workshop, and much more. I started to notice Eric because he was always hanging out with his friend who ran the bike workshop. We didn’t meet for several weeks but we admired each other from afar! One day, a group of students and neighborhood kids decided we wanted to try to make a solar oven (we had already been working on other alternative construction projects like making a whole house from old tires and building a composting toilet). We decided to go to the Nogales dump aka the “Tira Bichi” (which literally means “Throw naked”) to find the perfect piece of styrofoam for our oven. Eric and I jumped into the back of an old truck with a bunch of kids, and we finally introduced ourselves. So yeah, we met in the back of a beat up pick up truck on the way to the dump. So romantic! We really hit it off during the few weeks that remained of my semester program, and after a few years of a long distance relationship (me in Ecuador and Boston and Austin, Eric and Mexico and Tucson), we both ended up in Austin.”  ~Emily

Floral & Letterpress invites by the truly talented Sarah Wymer of SloMo Studios

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  1. Mike says:

    I’m a bog fan of your work, your very talented!

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