Rock and Roll Engagement | Ashley & Brandon

September 8, 2008:

I love Ashley & Brandon, they were such a blast to hang out with and I would have kept shooting all night if they let me. I can’t wait for their upcoming November wedding. They’re big concert goers and told me they’re putting posters of the concerts they attended together up at their wedding. How cool is that! We went to Breakaway Records during their engagement ( Brandon spins) and picked up some souvenirs. I found Tea For the Tillerman which was one of my favorite albums growing up and Ashley & Brandon totally surprised me by getting if for me as a little thank you gift. What can I say, they rock! View their wedding photos.austinrockandrollengagement001.jpgaustinrockandrollengagement005.jpgaustinrockandrollengagement003.jpgaustinrockandrollengagement007.jpgaustinrockandrollengagement006.jpgaustinrockandrollengagement004.jpgaustinrockandrollengagement009.jpgaustinrockandrollengagement008.jpgaustinrockandrollengagement021.jpgaustinrockandrollengagement010.jpgaustinrockandrollengagement011.jpgaustinrockandrollengagement012.jpgaustinrockandrollengagement013.jpgaustinrockandrollengagement014.jpgaustinrockandrollengagement015.jpgaustinrockandrollengagement002.jpgaustinrockandrollengagement016.jpgaustinrockandrollengagement017.jpgaustinrockandrollengagement018.jpgaustinrockandrollengagement020.jpg

2 Responses to “Rock and Roll Engagement | Ashley & Brandon”

  1. Amber says:

    Beautiful! great job guys

  2. Kayla says:

    Ashley you look BEAUTIFUL!! Love all the pictures of you guys!!

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