Spider House, Austin TX | Katy & Justin

August 4, 2008:

Katy & Justin are a super sweet couple. They’re both brains and cuteness rolled into one and are such a good fit for each other. You can tell there’s a deep underlying friendship between these two that really binds them together. So watch out, ’cause these kids are going places! And I don’t just mean to Mexico for their wedding next year! We had a great time capturing their engagement session this weekend. Yes, I’m going to comment on the heat again, 105 degrees, come on! Does it ever quit in Texas? Thankfully Justin treated us girls to iced coffee and that helped us charge through the heat like champs. Plus it made me really chatty, sorry guys ;)! Anyways, after our caffeine infusion we cruised around Austin and checked out some new distressed/industrial feeling locations and after a little adventure in a thatch of bamboo we finished the session with a much needed nap.  I know I say this alot in my posts but thank you guys for being such good sports, engagement sessions are hard work! Even for those Gap models out there 🙂 austinurbanengagementphotography01.jpgaustinurbanengagementphotography02.jpgaustinurbanengagementphotography03.jpgaustinurbanengagementphotography04.jpg austinurbanengagementphotography19.jpgaustinurbanengagementphotography06.jpgaustinurbanengagementphotography22.jpgaustinurbanengagementphotography09.jpgaustinurbanengagementphotography07.jpgaustinurbanengagementphotography08.jpgaustinurbanengagementphotography10.jpgaustinurbanengagementphotography11.jpgaustinurbanengagementphotography12.jpgaustinurbanengagementphotography16.jpgaustinurbanengagementphotography17.jpg

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