Vani & Tim | Horseshoe Bay Wedding

May 11, 2011:

Our story:

“It’s funny how we started dating. We had met briefly through a mutual friend. Then  one day at work we ran into each other on the elevator, he didn’t say hi, so later I “burst” in to his office and totally got onto him (in my attempt to flirt) about him not saying hi. Once we started dating everything just fell in to place…we fell in to each other’s lives and families.  It was so natural and surprising that we hadn’t known each other our whole lives. When we were planning our wedding we wanted to take in to consideration both cultures we had grown up in. I ended up getting a traditional Indian sari and working with a seamstress to designed a dress that would be the perfect blend of the best part of both Indian and American gowns. Tim was great, when we expanded our wedding to include both ceremonies, it turned in to an enlightening experience for him.  He agreed to go for a traditional outfit.  So we went shopping and five Indian clothes shops later, Tim had an outfit, and we were one step closer to our happy day!”

Floral Design by Coby Neal, The Flower Studio

Penguin Entertainment

Event Planning by Andi Valentine & Vithya Ramadoss

Horseshoe Bay Resort

Madras Pavillion


One Response to “Vani & Tim | Horseshoe Bay Wedding”

  1. yanne says:

    maravilhoso!!!que cores , que vibração , isto é lindo!!!

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